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Oman’s first plant to produce Industrial Salts . The factory is constructed and managed by a local Omani Company GIE – Global Integrated Engineering LLC, a subsidiary of Al-Ghlabi International Engineering and Contracting LLC


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Grade of Sodium Chloride (Salt)

Ultra-High Purity Grade

Water Softening Grade



Soap & detergent grade


Chlor Alkali Grade

waste and water treatment grade

GIE has completed a solar salt works and refinery in Waliyat - Mahout, 80 Km North of Duqm, Al Wusta Region of Oman.

Locally Produced High Purity Salts

Expansion Plan up to

Salt Refinery

Solar Salt Works

TONS per hour

Solar Works with 135,000 metric tons per annum capacity is the basic source of premium quality raw material to be used in 40 tons per hour salt refinery to produce 99.80% high pure salt. We are aiming to increase our production to 300,000 tons per year in next stage just increasing salt works capacity. As the refining plant has already optimum capacity of 240,000 tpa.

GIE Solar Salt

An Italian company Manfredine & Schianchi Srl, was the main technology provider. They are expert of designing the solar salt works and installing salt processing plant since last 30 years all over the World.

We produce high quality of solar salt with minimum purity of 99.80 %, white crystalline, dry, free flowing Sodium Chloride (NaCl).

Products Quality

Course Grade: 99.80% pure dry salt, this grade could be used for wide industrial applications especially in Oil and Gas Industry, as it is perfect for water softening to produce steam for Steam Injection in EOR process.

Medium Grade: 90% Min pure NaCl, this kind of salt could be used for drilling purposes, cooking salt and a table salt. This could also be exported to textile dying industry, soup and detergent industry, leather industry, water treatment plant etc. This product could be packed in any desired packing i.e. 1000 Kgs Jumbo bags or 25 Kgs WPP bags.

Salt Tablets: 99.5% pure finest salt will be compacted to form salt tablets that could be used water softening and pharmaceutical industry. This grade will be packed in 25 Kgs automatic sealed PE bags.

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