Production of High
Purity Salt

GIE Solar Salt

GIE has completed a solar salt works and refinery in Walayat – Mahoot, 80 Km North of Duqm, Al Wusta Region of Oman. Solar Works with 135,000 metric tons per annum capacity is  the basic source of premium quality raw material to be used in 40 tons per hour salt refinery to produce 99.80% High purity salt.

We are aiming to increase our production to 300,000 tons per year in next stage just increasing salt works capacity. As the refining plant has already optimum capacity of 240,000 tpa.

Solar Salt works is consisted of 4 evaporators, concentrators and 12 Crystallizers with 3 pumps houses, in which 06 Nos. vertical propeller pumps with capacity of 3000 m3/hour each with remain in operation.  The total area of salt works is 160 Hectors. The entire pond system is lined with 1.00 & 1.5 mm thick HDPE.

An Italian company Manfredine & Schianchi Srl, was the main technology provider. They are expert of designing the solar salt works and installing salt processing plant since last 30 years all over the World.

In this plant we can produce high quality of solar salt with minimum purity of 99.80 %, white crystalline, dry, free flowing Sodium Chloride (NaCl).

All grades have high purity. Duqm Salt is the first Refined Salt producer of Oman. We have generated number of local employment for continuous operation of solar salt works and refinery.

Our refinery plant consists of following major steps;

Washing line

It consists of series of washing machines like vibrating screens equipped with sprinkler system to wash salt with different type of brine, washer classifiers, centrifuges etc.


Drying line

The moist salt will be dried to 0.05% Moisture. Fluid bed technology will be used in the dryer, where Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) will be used to produce hot gases for fluid bed dryer. The dust will be collected in set of cyclones with scrubbers to treat the dust for zero discharge. The whole drying system is automatic and the dryer temperature is adjusted as per requirement.

Screening & Milling Line

The mixed dried salt will be separated in series of vibrating screens in this section. If there are some oversize particles, that will be milled in centrifugal type of mill and sent again for classification. This section is basically for size distribution as per client requirement.

Packaging line

The processed salt is distributed into different fractions according to their size. The most advanced plant have the capacity to produce all kind of salt depends upon the final use if the product, whatever the requirement of customer, we can supply form this plant.

However, on the basis of product size, we have 3 streams as;

Coarse Salt (0.85 mm – 4.80 mm)                      Industrial Applications

Medium Salt (0.85 mm –  0.30 mm)                   Edible Grade

Fine Salt (0.10 mm – 0.30 mm)                           Edible, Industrial Salt Tablets

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