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Ali Suleym Salih Al Junaibi

Chairman | GIE

The Duqm Salt Factory is one of the strategic projects that have been established in Al Wusta Governorate and is considered one of the value-added projects for the Sultanate. This project was established on an area of one million seven hundred thousand square meters in Bentot, Wilayat of Mahout in Al Wusta Governorate, it was built with a total of 12 million Omani Rials, the factory’s production amounted 134,000 tons per year, as a first stage. We hope to reach a productivity of 500,000 in the coming years. The Sultanate has been registered through this project as one of the countries that produce salt on the world map.

The project is one of the first projects of its kind in the Sultanate, latest technologies are used in the stages of industrial salt production. The project is very important in terms of the outlook or the quality, not only for the production of industrial salt, but also to produce other salt that are used in various industries. The existence of such factory in the Sultanate is very important, as product will be available as needed according to specifications, quantities and types, in the other hand it saves from consuming, using or importing the product, avoid unloading, shipping and storage factors.

We have worked to ensure that the product will meet the requirements of the oil companies in terms of purity, availability of quantities and ease of access to the consumer, which will lead to infrastructure mitigation as well, if we compared it to the imported product that comes through the ports of the Sultanate and travels distances ranging from 500 to 700 km to reach the oil areas, this factory is located near the oil areas, its access does not cost much, and it reduces the pressure on roads infrastructure and traffic.

We thank the government of His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq Al Said for all efforts aimed at supporting value-added projects.

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